Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things are heating up between Rihanna and "rude boy" Farrell

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Proving that where there's smoke there's fire, it seems Rihanna and Colin Farrell are really steaming, apparently. So I guess that the Ryan Phillippe rumor is losing strength. Acording to the mirror,
Colin has told pals his relationship with Rihanna is moving so fast he is desperate to introduce her Henry and James - who suffers from the genetic disorder Angelman Syndrome.
One source said: "He's planning on spending a lot of time with Rihanna over the summer in LA so he wants his sons to be used to her and have a good relationship.
"Colin wants to break them in gently and Rihanna is dying to meet them. She thinks it's so sweet Colin is a great daddy."
Uau. Look out for another sex tape any time soon... with Side Show Bob in it.

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