Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snooki's plans for World Domination have a little setback

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No hamster ball for Snooki, at least not in Times Square. The co-producers of Times Square New Year's Eve found the perfect escuse to bann Snooki's ball from the event alleging the idea came too late and was impractical to fit in the festivities.  Plan B is having the ball drop in Jersey Shore and, according to TMZ, the works have already began.  Now there's still no confirmation if the rest of the cast will be present for the festivities. How disappointing. I was ready do pump my fist till it dropped as soon as I read they were attempting to break the extraordinary interesting Guinness World Record of massive fist pumping  as they lead the crowd to do it. 

The NYPD has yet not confirmed if they are the true reason for the change of plans as they carefully prepare the security and have to assure "No grenades" will be allowed in...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Amy Winehouse's wish list at 17

Amy Winehouse is the living proof of the power of wish lists. Way before the bestseller The Secret was released a very young and wild Amy was making a very narrowed wish list in a private diary that found its way to a rubbish basket , on a North London street and (how poetic this is...) then straight to the hand of some journalist at The Sun.
If this is true, I leave you with some of her wishes and we make the "check" as we go along:

"Live like the bombshell I really am."


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"Get my teeth fixed."

...under construction

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"Drain my drink and order more."

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"Find someone with whom I can come undone."

Definitely check!

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What does Elisabetta Canalis have that's so special?

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For quite some time I've wondered what does this woman have that makes her be dating one of the most sexy men alive. Does she make better Nespressos than me? Then I saw this pic from Elisabetta taken in Los Cabos, Mexico, some days ago and my question was finally answered. She must be making some very hot Nespressos every day, wearing only her bikini, under George Clooney's close supervision ...What else?...

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rihanna is already getting some support from fans

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Rihanna annouced her split from boyfriend Matt Kemp but, while vacationing in Barbados she was already being aproached by one very friendly fan! While her bodyguard pretends to be outraged but is really loving it, Rihanna can´t help but laugh... I wonder what's the real story behind this pic!
But you know what's really freaking me out? That Amazon Panther-print swimsuit. Too 80's for me. Just in case you like can get it here. But please don't...

Busy Year ahead for Natalie Portman

It looks like 2011 will be Natalie Portman's year. She just took everyone by surprise announcing she's engaged and pregnant. Black Swan has already made a difference on Natalie's career and life. Her now fiance, choreographer of the New York City Ballet, Benjamin Millepied, helped her prepare for her difficult and amazing role in the film and she has already been nominated for a Golden Globe award. It would be a big surprise if she did't also get an Oscar nomination. In such a busy year, with four more movies to promote besides Black Swan (The Other WomanNo strings attached, Your Highness and Thor) , she will also embrace the wonders of changing diapers and smelling baby poop...
She released a brief statement to Entertainment Weekly about the good news:

"I've always kept my private life private. But I will say that I am indescribably happy and feel very grateful to have this experience."

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Hugh Jackman's bad luck continues

Hugh Jackman must have someone making some voodoo on him. First he hit with his face on a lighting structure on Oprah, now he gets hit in his below parts while paying some cricket! 

Olivia Palermo will be a designer

Olivia's style is unquestionable.  Today she has announced she will fulfill  her wishes to be a designer and will soon launch her own clothing line.
She did a campaign for Mango a couple of months ago and I can't help myself from creating a New Year's Eve look based on two gorgeous dresses she wore then. 

Dress - Mango ; Shoes - BCBGMAXAZRIA ; Urban Expressions Heart clutch ; Flowerbomb - Vicktor&Rolf 

Dress - Mango  ; Coat - Mango ; Shoes - BCBGMAXAZRIA ; Black and gold clutch - Tasha Sequin ; 212 Vip - Carolina Herrera ; Martini Gold  by Dolce&Gabbana

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bridget Everett

If you don´t know her yet, prepare to be blown away with her huge...voice and outstanding performances!
Bridget, you're soooo fierce!

Just one more...just because...

Playboy Engagement

We go from a Royal Engagement to a Playboy Engagement. Hug Hefner, 84, owner of Playboy, has just announced on twitter he's engaged with Crystal Harris, 24. Crystal, who was the December 2009 Playboy Playmate. Hef tweeted about her reaction when he popped the question and gave her the engagement ring:

"When I gave Crystal the ring she burst into tears. This is the happiest Christmas Weekend in memory."

I say, he must have quite a few xmas weekends in memory, being this probably one of the most boring ones...As for Cristal, I bet she was bursting into tears of joy, and couldn't wait to text Holly Madison for the news...Bitchy me...

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The Royal Engagement Coin

Hi, you guys! I'm back! No Santa for me as I remain with 2 followers...
Now back to gossip...

Have you seen the commemorative coin of the Royal Engagement? Man, Kate Middleton must be turning into a Bridezilla any time soon. Apparently this coin, so unflattering for Kate, has been approved by Prince William and Queen Elisabeth. No room for Kate's approval... Not only doesn't even resemble her, it shows a very suspicious looking Kate, with a rised eyebrow over Prince William... What do you think about this?

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Snooki's Hamster Ball for New Year's Eve

Brace yourselves. MTV is preparing quite a show for New Year's Eve, probably fulfilling many viewers wishes for 2011, with no other than a Jersey Shore star... Snooki will climb into a ball that will be lowered into New York's Times Square. Snooki can't hide her excitement for getting to do some ball climbing once more, this time on live tv, and has already reacted :
"I'm gonna be like a friggin' hamster!", she told USA TODAY.
I wouldn't be so excited since is the first time they are gonna do this...

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Miley Cyrus determined to kill Hanna Montana by Xmas Eve

Once more pictures of a very naughty Miley were leaked online. I must say her surprised expression is quite amusing. I wonder what's she thinking as her assistant gets friendly with her boobs? Maybe she's just thinking someone has been a very, very bad girl and won't be getting any presents from Santa, especially from Disney.

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Christmas wishes

If we stripped a peace of clothing everytime we received a text message from some number we don't know or from someone who just remembers you exist this time of the year, we would all be bare naked by midnight... Wouldn't that be fun?...
So, just in case you want to play this game I leave you with Irina Shayk, Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, posing for the Christmas campaign for Intimissimi.
This Christmas I'm gonna reach for the sky and wish to wake up tomorrow and find out I have 100 followers. 
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lohan Vs Holland - round one

Lindsay Lohan might just be the toshiest celebrity of 2010. By now the World of Tosh was already hit with one more pearl to put on top of her uncountable tosh headlines. The latest story about her, involves an alleged assault to a Betty Ford member staffer, Dawn Holland, after Lindsay supposedly got caught at 1 a.m. with a couple of friends drinking alcohol and then refusing to do a breathalyzer test. Mean while, Dawn Holland gave an exclusive interview to TMZ and then got fired from the Betty Ford Clinic. Lindsay then said she was a victim of the whole situation and that she was only drinking Shirley Temples and waiting to get het hair 1 a.m. may I say...
Taking all this toshiness in consideration, I say they were all pretty drunk or high. Lindsay doesn't need an excuse by now. She probably thinks she will once more get away with it (and probably will) as she probably convinced the bartender vodka was obviously one of the main ingredients of the famous Shirley Temple cocktail. Dawn Holland was also way high if she thought she could bash a celebrity in rehab at Betty Ford, being celebrities their main clients. And obviously Lindsay's hair stylist was also hitting the shirley temples, as she prepared to do some hair at 1 a.m. I wouldn't be surprised if she did her nails back when she was sentenced to jail. Probably at 1 a.m seemed a good idea to put f*ck you in Lindsay's middle finger on the night before her appearance in court...She refused to have a breathalyzer test. So, ok. Maybe it wasn't compelling enough. She wouldn't have passed it if it was a neck of Smirnoff vodka bottle covered with Swarovski crystals. Wouldn't you agree?
Meanwhile I'm reading Lindsay's dad has already his eyes on the prize, saying Lindsay could sue the Betty Ford clinic for millions of dollars. Oh, excuse me, daddy, I was so worried contemplating the continuous self-destruction of Lindsay I nearly couldn't see this coming...
Let's patiently wait for round two...

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Jena Lee - US Boy

Help! This music entered deeply in my brain and it won't come out...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lady Gaga got a boob inspection by fan

It is now established every time Lady Gaga goes shopping I have a new post. It is still Paris and it is still freezing. But for Lady Gaga no bad weather will mess her hot crazy looks. I could be telling you once more she wore almosts nothing as she continued her xmas shopping saga in Paris. But this time she was stopped by a friendly fan who felt the need to squeeze her boob, either to find out if it was one of the many Gaga's wax figures or if this Lady Gaga, very Bram Stoker's Dracula  look a like, had real boobs.

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Christmas List

For those of you who can´t get enough of Lady Gaga and can't stop talking about the wonders of the ipad this might be just the thing you'll wish for this xmas. The Lady Gaga ipad themed decals. Here's one.

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But if you can´t hear anymore ipad talk awesomeness and still want to surprise your geek boyfriend this Christmas, make him a lap dance wearing only the "slide to unlock" ipanties" to the sound of "Nothing but love " from Axwell. I tell you, It will be the most awesome Christmas gift ever...

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The Kardashians hit the libraries

If you still don't know what to give your boyfriend this Christmas you might consider the new Tell All book from the Kardashian sisters...

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Now seriously... I'm just pissed that, while millions of people get their Christmas holidays ruined because they are stuck in the airport for days with no perspective of being where they want to be, due to weather conditions, Kim and Khloe Kardashian were almost bursting in tears because their connection flight got cancelled due to bad weather in Paris and they missed their family reunion. Family reunion girls?! How many do you make a year? Spare me please. So 28 hours later, probably spent in a luxurious hotel, the problem was solved and the two princesses were home just in time for Christmas...

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How do you Know

When Reese Witherspoon arrived at the premiere of her new movie "How do you Know", on December 13, looking gorgeous in a strapless cocktail dress from Zac Posen's 2011 spring collection, little did she know how poorly it would go in the BoxOffice. But publicists work fast and a couple of days latter the first trailer from Water for Elephants, featuring Reese with no other than Robert Pattinson , emerged,  making millions of women lick the screen of their computers for two minutes, as they patiently waited for a sound coming out of Rob's mouth. Instead they were hit with multiple Rob Pattinson's puppy eyes, culminating with the almost imperceptible murmured words that every female wants to hear: "You're a beautiful woman. You deserve a beautiful life..." Clever!
By then the Earth shivered due to such impact...Oh, and there was a lot of a very Jean Harlowish Reese too, I guess... Hardly saw her though...
So how do you know your next movie's going to do well? Because you've got Rob, Reese!

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Lady Gaga forgot something

Everyone knows it's freezing in Europe. Even Lady Gaga's concert in Paris got cancelled. This is why we've got to love her. Only The Gaga could pull this off, showing up with only fishnet pantyhose and a thong to do some shopping at Bruce Field Store at Palais Royal, Paris, on December 21.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

The five-day wedding curse

After a five days lavish celebration at Jodhpur, India, Elizabeth Hurley's marriage to indian textile Arun Nayard didn't even last one year for each day of celebration. And, as any normal "celebreak up" in these days, it's time to do some cheating and tweeting!
After being caught kissing with cricketer Shane Warne it is time to have an epiphany at 8:38 A.M. on no other place than Twitter:

" Not a great day. For the record, my husband and I separated a few months ago. Our close family & friends were aware of this."

I'm guessing even the Sacred Cows in India were already aware of this by now, Hurley...

Did't Eva Longoria's wedding celebrations last for five days? Or was it three? Well, not in India, no Sacred Cows then. But they still ended up showing at your wedding, did't they Eva? Well, not so sacred...

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I bet Katy Perry is biting her Russell Brand nails on this...and guessing if she's next!

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"The Hasselhoffs" off to Neverland

Has anyone even watched this show? Well, now you won't because it got cancelled only after two episodes... I mean, I'm watching this and after five long minutes I'm guessing no drunk people, no drulling, no sex, no nothing.  Not even the annoying "yay!"daughters would make this work for me... Don't you people learn? Put your eyes on Barbara Walter's Top 10 most fascinating people...
We want to see d-e-c-a-d-e-n-c-e!
But no time to cry for The Knight Rider... Off to Her Majesty's Land  to play Captain Hook on a production of Peter Pan. Well, judging for this amazing pic, where he strikes a pose with KITT outside the theatre, i'm guessing what could be more decadently cooler? I know! Some christmas lights going on and off in his jacket as he swings his hook and sings "Been looking for freedom".
I tell you all, England wouldn't be big enough for all his Eurofans...

Hoff, honey. You will always have Berlin!

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Even death becomes her

By these days it must be hell for Kim Kardashian not to be able to tweet. It seems the digital death of those who embraced the call from “Buy Life” Campaign is going to last way longer than initially expected. The goal of 1 million dollars is still very far from happening and though Kim looks gorgeous, even as a dead person, it is clear by her uncomfortable position in the picture that no coffin will be big enough for Kim’s amazing ass-ets…

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Uma Thurman at the New York Friar’s Club Roast

Uma Thurman attended the New York Friar’s Club Roast looking like this:

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Uma, dear, there’s a very thin line between a Vintage look and a granny look. 
I’m guessing you’ve just crossed it…You can all get this look by covering a long black dress with your grandma’s robe….

Lady Gaga pulls sadomaso look for shopping at Chanel

Lady Gaga went shopping in Milan looking like a Sadomasochist Widow. After posting the fiercest look possible inside a coffin as her last tweet, I guess she’s still raising awareness for her digital death in twitter and facebook, along with other stars, to the Keep a Child Alive “Buy Life” campaign. Judging by the outfit I’m also guessing she didn’t try anything on either…

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Get Natalie Portman look at the Gotham Awards 2010

Dress  Lanvin for H&M - €149
Marano glitter clutch - €385 (only available in Europe)(Anya Hindmarch)
Suede platform pumps - $525 (Gucci) –

It's Leather baby!

Who else would completely pull it off with leather pants look at an animated movie premiere? And who else could give voice to Metro man, girls and boys?

Mr. Brad Pitt appeared with a very metrosexual look at Megamind's premiere in Paris. Even Angelina (who only seems to wear black to premieres…bo-ring) is having a hard time keeping her hands off her hubby.

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Vodoo Xmas

I know this pic is already "old news", but this look from Nicky Minaj at the 2010 AMAs really freaked me out. If there was a fusion of a voodoo doll with a Christmas tree this woul be it...

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Nicole Shrezinger landed straight from planet Vulcano

Nicole Shrezinger attended a Reebok Zig Tech photo call in London, looking like this.

Honey, what were you thinking? Did your rep misspelled Tech in your agenda? It's a total fail for me but I’m guessing all of you Star Trek lovers are already fantasizing about her and Spock…

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From jumpsuit to suiting up

Definitely still a trendy look, but Leighton Meester really caught everyone's attention at the Harry Winston Court of Jewels with this one from Marchesa. The outrageous back could only be complete with the cutest sphere clutch, ready to hit the jaws of those who would dare to wonder for more than 5 seconds about the existence of skin colored underwear… For the Gotham Independent Film Award, Leighton took a step back in fierceness, suiting up for the occasion. But Barney from the tv show How I met your mother would have a tough time choosing what look works best.

To suit or not to suit up, Barney?

Loved both looks, tough!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Ke$ha's look on Jimmy Kimmel live

Every time Ke$ha shows-up on some event I always ask myself if she has a fashion advisor or someone who hates her deeply. Or maybe she has some matter transforming machine where she putts herself in every morning with some 80's clothes that no one dared to use even then and some fly entered in the process this time...

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Miley and the Toilet Paper fashion

By these days, Miley Cyrus is turning 18 and realizing that these 18 years that passed have probably been a load of crap that needs to get out of her system.
Either she's wearing toilet paper wrapped around and coming out of her ass, or she's having rolls of it as her birthday cake. Very chic Miley...

Miley Cyrus arrives at the 2010 American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on November 21, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.
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Legenda Miley's Birthday Party, November, 23, 2010
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The curse of 07/07/07

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This is old news by now but, for fun, let’s play some statistics: for all the couples that waited and waited for the chance to tie the knot on the mystic date of 07/07/07.
How many of you dear believers are still together?

If numerology matters 7+7+7=21 and 2+1=3

Ok, so that means? There will by a 3rd person ruining it all for YOU!!

Even a fairytale wedding in Paris didn't pull it good luck for you all.
For the "desperate housewife" Eva Longoria, who didn't escape the 777 curse, was time to call it quits and to regret not having made this decision sooner.
Dear Eva, in Hollywood there are no time for regrets. You still have time to catch someone before 11/11/11

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