Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snooki's plans for World Domination have a little setback

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No hamster ball for Snooki, at least not in Times Square. The co-producers of Times Square New Year's Eve found the perfect escuse to bann Snooki's ball from the event alleging the idea came too late and was impractical to fit in the festivities.  Plan B is having the ball drop in Jersey Shore and, according to TMZ, the works have already began.  Now there's still no confirmation if the rest of the cast will be present for the festivities. How disappointing. I was ready do pump my fist till it dropped as soon as I read they were attempting to break the extraordinary interesting Guinness World Record of massive fist pumping  as they lead the crowd to do it. 

The NYPD has yet not confirmed if they are the true reason for the change of plans as they carefully prepare the security and have to assure "No grenades" will be allowed in...

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