Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lohan Vs Holland - round one

Lindsay Lohan might just be the toshiest celebrity of 2010. By now the World of Tosh was already hit with one more pearl to put on top of her uncountable tosh headlines. The latest story about her, involves an alleged assault to a Betty Ford member staffer, Dawn Holland, after Lindsay supposedly got caught at 1 a.m. with a couple of friends drinking alcohol and then refusing to do a breathalyzer test. Mean while, Dawn Holland gave an exclusive interview to TMZ and then got fired from the Betty Ford Clinic. Lindsay then said she was a victim of the whole situation and that she was only drinking Shirley Temples and waiting to get het hair 1 a.m. may I say...
Taking all this toshiness in consideration, I say they were all pretty drunk or high. Lindsay doesn't need an excuse by now. She probably thinks she will once more get away with it (and probably will) as she probably convinced the bartender vodka was obviously one of the main ingredients of the famous Shirley Temple cocktail. Dawn Holland was also way high if she thought she could bash a celebrity in rehab at Betty Ford, being celebrities their main clients. And obviously Lindsay's hair stylist was also hitting the shirley temples, as she prepared to do some hair at 1 a.m. I wouldn't be surprised if she did her nails back when she was sentenced to jail. Probably at 1 a.m seemed a good idea to put f*ck you in Lindsay's middle finger on the night before her appearance in court...She refused to have a breathalyzer test. So, ok. Maybe it wasn't compelling enough. She wouldn't have passed it if it was a neck of Smirnoff vodka bottle covered with Swarovski crystals. Wouldn't you agree?
Meanwhile I'm reading Lindsay's dad has already his eyes on the prize, saying Lindsay could sue the Betty Ford clinic for millions of dollars. Oh, excuse me, daddy, I was so worried contemplating the continuous self-destruction of Lindsay I nearly couldn't see this coming...
Let's patiently wait for round two...

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