Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Amy Winehouse's wish list at 17

Amy Winehouse is the living proof of the power of wish lists. Way before the bestseller The Secret was released a very young and wild Amy was making a very narrowed wish list in a private diary that found its way to a rubbish basket , on a North London street and (how poetic this is...) then straight to the hand of some journalist at The Sun.
If this is true, I leave you with some of her wishes and we make the "check" as we go along:

"Live like the bombshell I really am."


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"Get my teeth fixed."

...under construction

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"Drain my drink and order more."

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"Find someone with whom I can come undone."

Definitely check!

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  1. Pure decadence! Maybe she should try a reality show ;)))

    PS: Victoria, congrats for the blog! It's my first comment, though I've been visiting for a while. I've had quite a few laughs with your wity posts. Keep on!


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