Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How do you Know

When Reese Witherspoon arrived at the premiere of her new movie "How do you Know", on December 13, looking gorgeous in a strapless cocktail dress from Zac Posen's 2011 spring collection, little did she know how poorly it would go in the BoxOffice. But publicists work fast and a couple of days latter the first trailer from Water for Elephants, featuring Reese with no other than Robert Pattinson , emerged,  making millions of women lick the screen of their computers for two minutes, as they patiently waited for a sound coming out of Rob's mouth. Instead they were hit with multiple Rob Pattinson's puppy eyes, culminating with the almost imperceptible murmured words that every female wants to hear: "You're a beautiful woman. You deserve a beautiful life..." Clever!
By then the Earth shivered due to such impact...Oh, and there was a lot of a very Jean Harlowish Reese too, I guess... Hardly saw her though...
So how do you know your next movie's going to do well? Because you've got Rob, Reese!

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