Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charlie Sheen just joined twitter

Because bullshit nowadays is not really bullshit until it hits social networks, Charlie Sheen joined twitter and is now providing us via Twitter what I can only call a service of public interest for all of us that need to decompress from stress at work. 

And because his first tweet needed to embrace all Charlie Sheen's Winning philosophy, it included a twitpic where there were  porn star jugs (Bree Olson's), the word naked, chocolate milk(?...), a cow (I'm talking about the one in Charlie's bottle) and some knifes in the back just in case he needs to accidentally fall over Bree Olson and cut her throat. I was still processing all this when I read the photo caption:
"Winning...! Choose your Vice".

Uau!...You had me at hello, Charlie Sheen! 
With such a graphic pic and strong message it comes with no surprise the Charlie Sheen drug had quite an effect on everyone, resulting in a massive growth of his followers at every minute. So, Charlie Sheen's epic thoughts will no longer be restrained to the questions made in interviews and we can now all be entertained at the distance of a simple tweet...

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