Friday, March 4, 2011

Rihanna's bodyguard gives us the true meaning of walking abreast

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In these days, Rihanna has a lot going on: having a feud with Ciara on Twitter, sexting Collin Farrel (I did't think much of this but then I saw them at The Graham Norton Show and I think maybe there's some true to this...) and reportedly hooking up with Ryan Phillippe.... She's now in Australia as part of her "Last girl on Earth" tour and apparently sent her assistant to some sex shop called ‘The Tool Shed’ (coolest name ever for sex-shop!) ,yesterday, where she was seen leaving with two black bags full of x-rated products. Adding all this to her latest graphic performances it must be said that being Rihanna's bodyguard is hard and must include a mental struggle to keep hands off her body, specially if you have to walk side by side with her imagining what the hell were on those black bags...Even for the little kangaroo standing in Rihanna's hand so close to her boob is not easy...

Bodyguard: Now it's lingerie...Focus...My hand! I cannot stop my hand! OMG, I'm totally touching her ass in a second...

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