Monday, March 7, 2011

Kim Kardashian will only lick your lollipop if it's covered with Swarovski cristals

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I must say I'm a little disappointed with this look KK chose to host the Grand Opening of The Sugar Factory American Brasserie in Las Vegas, March 4. If it was going to involve sucking from a straw and licking lollipops, people were expecting to watch some 50 cent Candy Store lookalike video, but this time with Kim Kardashian in it. Instead, her ass was  restrained to an awful shapeless skirt that barely draw the shape of her best well known asset and cleavage trapped behind crossed black bars. No way Kay kay! 
Uhhhhh...wait! There's her little sister Kylie (who's only the way...), dressed in a hotter dress than you. In fact, this look, those shoes on a thirteen year old just make wanna puke. Hello? Bruce Jenner? Where were you when this happened? I'm sorry. And I'm not at all conservative, let me tell you... In fact, it's like I just turned on the tv and its Dallas Divas on, with some spoiled teen and her slutty mom in Dynasty clothes... 
To complete the picture, there's that moron from The Spin Crowd, who I'm sure told her this look was ok because it's a candy store, so let's make this all about little Kylie...The Sugar Factory might as well melt you and serve you in a milkshake- the moron milkshake. Some PR...
Ok, Kim. Yellow card on you. You barely passed this one. So you better work on that lollipop like there is no tomorrow.
You can get bored with the rest of KK's pics but I found this one. is this actually the same party? Way more like what I expected!

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