Monday, March 28, 2011

Hey Y'All! Britney Spears gets her own day in San Francisco

Wait! It's not today! Gear up your enthusiasm for tomorrow, specially if you are in San Francisco because there, March 29th has been proclaimed Britney Spears Day! Was this because she gave a three songs free performance there to promote her new album Femme Fatale? Jeezzz! Even Britney stood with the Proclamation in hands with that super white smile thinking "-WTF Y'all?" And how do we get to commemorate such day? Are we suppose to shave our heads and hit a random car with some umbrella? Have a nervous breakdown? Elope with our first ever high school cruch and divorce a couple of hours later?  Snort coke? 
Well, I'll just go to Pier 39 and say hello to KFed...

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