Monday, March 28, 2011

Armie Hammer: My sweet Prince, you are the one!

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Ok, this is the tittle of a Placebo song that I would torture myself with back when I believed in fairytales and was not a senseless b**ch. But this is good news and...good casting. Apparently Armie was chosen to play Prince Charming in the Snow White movie. I must say I was impressed with Armie Hammer in The Social Network. Every time the twins appeared, everyone in the scene vanished for me. Specially the guy with the slippers...
I hope they don't turn this in some sort of Gothic Dark movie with some boring pale actress playing Snow White. Maybe with the Placebo song in the trailer...Hugh...Let's go all the way and put Kristen Stewart role her eyes for 120 minutes as Snow White. Wait, isn't this the film where she will play Snow White? I'm not sure because, apparently, this Snow White theme is so vast, they are going to do not one but three movies about it. Well, I'm sure the Porn Industry made a lot more than three movies with this theme.... (bitchy me! Lol) . But don't worry, Twihards, I'm sure Kstew will be in one of them... Probably with the Placebo Song playing while she runs through the woods.

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