Friday, March 4, 2011

Taylor Momsen is every teen's role model now

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Taylor Momsen is obsessed with thigh highs and provocative corsets. And when I say obsessed, I mean she wears it day and night. Being the difference between day and night, a black t-shirt. Madonna chose her to be the image of her clothing line Material Girl but soon realized putting any type of clothes on Taylor would be impossible, unless it is underwear. I must say I'm bored with her second choice. At least with Taylor Momsen we know we are in for a show.Plus, she's into cheap porn star boots now. The role model look that every parent wants for her sweet innocent teen daughter is now complete. So, any time Dad wants to bond with any of his daughter's friends he just has to say: "Hey, let's go to Taylor Momsen's concert!" ,and then pretend he really meant to say Taylor Swift...
And this because it appears that being a Taylor Momsen's fan involves stripping off clothes on stage and being kissed in the belly. What do say, Daddy? Momsen or Swift?
Check out the "dads" faces back stage...

And now her day look!

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