Friday, March 25, 2011

Joe Manganiello will be returning in True Blood season 4

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Joe Manganiello, plays werewolf protector Alcide Herveaux, the very first in Bon Temps, in the hit TV series, True Blood. And apparently he is doing such a good job that his role has been extended to Season 4. Manganiello hangs around shirtless most of the time, so I'm pretty sure this was a (wise) decision probably made by a woman. And let me tell you, if True Blood vampires make the ones from Twilight feel like a bunch of pussies, these werewolves make the pack from Forks run like little puppies. And let's face it. If there were vampires out there it would be more reasonable to think they were banging every mortal they could get and partying in clubs rather than repeatedly adjusting to some high school in the middle of nowhere and live over and over again the same sh**ty teenage problems. And they wouldn't be sneaking into their girlfriends' bedroom just to see them sleep. They would crawl out of the dirt, grab their leg, and have really rough sex. (who remembers this scene between Sookie and Bill? Not me...) As for Joe Manganiello, I think he auditioned for this role shirtless, the audition was conducted by several women and he was asked to slowly repeat his name....  
- Mannnngggganiellllllllllooo.
-Come again?
-Ok. You've got the role.

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