Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Kardashian days are bigger than yours

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If you think you're a hard worker and dare question what the hell the Kardashian sisters do, think again! You could work 24 hours a day (not sleep like Samara) and yet you wouldn't match the Kardashians when it comes to hours of hard work. Because, according to Kris Jenner on Redbook's May issue, her daughters work 25 hours a day. TWENTY FIVE! She also supports child labor too 'cause her kids work since they were 13 years old. We all can see she's already pushed Kylie to hard work so little Mason better start appreciating adolescence right now...

"It’s annoying when I hear, “What do your girls do?” Well, first of all, all of my daughters have jobs. They are fashion stylists and designers; they own a chain of stores. They had the stores before they had the show. And my kids worked from the time they were 13 years old. So to me, that’s a huge misconception — that the girls don’t work. They work 25 hours a day. And that they don’t have any talent? They might not be singers or dancers, but they certainly know how to produce a television show. Whether you want to call it talent or not, they have multiple shows on the air. [I want to say,] How many shows do you have?"
 Hell, yeah! I have no show! Buaaaaaaa! Why is that? Hum... And it's hard enough to keep up with these multiple shows that seem to reproduce faster than rabbits: Khloe and Kourtney take Miami, Kim and Kourtney take New York, Kim and Kris Humphries take a walk; Kourtney and Scott take a break; Kylie and Kendal take Kentuchy Fried Chicken.... Talk about Keeping up with the Kardashians!...

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