Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Charlie Sheen thinks he's Sandokan

After being officially fired by Warner Bros, Charlie Sheen showed some signs of coming back to reality and went on top of a building, waving a black sabre in his hand, and drank a bottle labeled Tiger blood. So, I guess he continues his metamorphosis to become the 21st century Sandokan, the Tiger of Malaysia.
Adding to all this madness we have Sheen's corner: the first episodes are called "Torpedos of truth", the fourth one is called "how to build a perfect torpedo". Huge difference in terms of visual, this last one. Probably someone, who's not a troll, told him that saying 
“I’m gonna write my sermons, I’m gonna deliver them like truth torpedoes, and people are gonna f **king take it or leave it, we know they’re gonna take it cause they can’t process it, so they must condemn it, and it they can’t condemn it, they’ll like f **king turn me into a God and worship it, and realize I’m behind them, cutting their throats, and their children’s …”
(the last word was obviously censored but although we are trolls, we get it...)

is not that smart if you're going to court to fight for your children's custody.

This fourth episode shows also some evolution as it appears Charlie's reading from a card. I find the decadent look more appealing. Although I must say keeping up with Charlie's meltdown is exhausting.
Eventually he's gonna find out he's not winning, see himself in the mirror and find out he's also a troll...

"There goes the torpedo up my nose..."

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