Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding - Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry, these two are up to no good...

There were two revealing moments for both men and women before the bride's entrance. The first was for many women, questioning themselves when did  Prince Freckles become this attractive? And who was baldy standing next to the handsome crazy hair Prince? Oh...Prince William. Ok, ok.
The next revealing moment was for men. Because the minute Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa, entered the scene, every men's brain had a malfunction, leaving it all up to the automatic pilot that gave an automatic "royal salute" to Pippa's ass when it walked down the aisle in that immaculate Alexander McQueen, by Sarah Burton, white dress.
Now, these two were best man and bridesmaid, so definitely had a lot to talk about, to discuss, for hours...Could it be there's another Middleton on the hunt for the remaining Prince? 
Chelsy Davy, the supposedly girlfriend of Prince Harry was also there.  Should she worry? Hum...If a woman can make an Alberta Ferretti outfit look this slutty I can only imagine how happy she makes Prince Harry... 

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