Sunday, April 24, 2011

Miranda Kerr in "Look at me, I'm a hot Mamma" mode

So, here's Miranda Kerr showing her post pregnancy body at the Tribeca Film Festival Premiere of Orlando Bloom's movie, "The Good Doctor".
Geeezzz! Remember my theory about supermodels' babies? Well, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's baby is not only cute. He was born with a PhD in tummy tucks. It's been four months for God's sake! ...How can this be? (I shake my head in perplexity while stuffing my mouth with easter chocolate eggs...)  
I refuse to have a baby unless he's this skilled... Damn, she looks good! And, hey guys, wouldn't you agree she gained weight in the right places?...I thought so. Would it be gross if I reminded you guys why it is so?...I thought so too...

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