Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kim Kardashian in Cosmopolitan...The wonders of Photoshop

I had a rough time recognizing Kim's face on the cover of Cosmopolitan May issue. Kim Kardashian wax expression, with teeth that seem to pop out of the cover, pushes a little bit the boundaries of acceptable Photoshopped photos. She's still pretty curvy but we get the false impression that every inch of curve is almost immaculate, free of any cellulite. Don't think so...Could Kim Kardashian be as upset as she was when we got a glimpse of her cellulite filled ass? Of course not. She took Twitter to give her impressions about Cosmo photo shoot:
“This was such a sexy shoot and I love the way the photos turned out.”
Of course you did. And they are amazing. I would say...almost unreal. For someone that now, out of the blue, cares about the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, she could care for "smaller" causes like recognizing her own imperfections and not promoting an unreal image of herself. 
Kind of like me, with my REAL amazing legs on the side picture... Now... How does this Photoshop enhancing works, you people?...I'm gonna make myself a Kardashian butt.

Let's see if Kim posts on her website her before vs after cover photo like she did with the ones she took for Complex...


  1. I think she is gorgeous, but she looks awful in this cover! Looks really fake.
    I can understand they photoshop the body, but why the face?!?!
    And why a photoshoped body in the same cover where they write:
    "I have cellulite. So what!" (by KK herself)
    "The body issue: 96 ways to love your naked body"
    96 ways?! Why bother...just photoshop it! Geez...

  2. By the way, hated the bikini...


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