Thursday, April 14, 2011

Did Bradley Cooper leave Reneé Zellweger because he was too busy... with Jennifer Aniston?

Is Bradleyfer back on?
According to X17, apparently yes!
Jen and Bradley have been spending more and more time together. It’s still the beginning of them rekindling their romance, but she’s excited about it. They started seeing each other in New York, and they’re definitely planning on hanging out more now that they’re both on the West Coast.”
Oh, stop moaning you Zellweger fans! She had him for year! Besides, who can tell by Reneé's face if she's pissed about this or not? Either she's happy or sad as hell, she always looks like she's sucking from a straw a really bitter juice, for God's sake! I don't know if this story is true or not. Although I was so renitent when the rumors about Jen dating Jon Mayer began and they were totally true. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I really think they look great together. And If this, for some reason, gets to evolve into marriage, there would be only ONE clause in the prenup agreement: Under absolutely no circumstance is Bradley Cooper allowed to make a film with Angelina Jolie...

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