Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding - someone is fed up of fairy tales

It seems cute flower girl isn't enjoying so much making part of the modern "Cinderella" Kate Middleton and "Prince Charming" William fairy tale...Maybe she's disappointed about the Prince being bald or that the carriage didn't turn into a pumpkin. Or that in place of sweet little mice singing, there's a crowd roaring, waiting desperately for the exchange of Royal saliva between the newlyweds.
I must say Kate Middleton surprised me in one point: she handled her nerves pretty well. Considering it must not be easy getting married thinking the eyes of the millions of people are watching you and realizing the Queen wore a hideous yellow outfit ... and Camillla Parker Bowles made one of the best dressed list. 
I must say thumbs up for the dress. Not really my style but it's certainly timeless. And it's Alexander McQueen, by Sarah Burton. I say double thumbs up for Alexander McQueen remaining in history for this, although his geniality is not perceptible via Sarah Burton. Unless there's a skull on Kate's panties...
Is Kate Middleton ready to assume her Royal Duties?
I guess...

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