Friday, April 1, 2011

Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins are stricly platonic but the Caribbean Sea tells them otherwise

Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins are spending some days in St. Barths with some friends. Much has been speculated about the nature of their relationship, speccially after Cox's separation from husband David Arquette. To set things straight, their rep released a statement:
"The relationship is strictly platonic and they are away with a group of friends on vacation"

Having the need to justify their relationship only made us more suspicious and less tolerant. So any slip coming from these two will make us have that smile in the corner of our mouth and exclaim:" platonic my a*s!"
So, because the Caribbean sea is dreamy, it gave us just what we wanted: Courteney Cox having a nipple slip and Josh Hopkins having a hard time keeping his shorts. So we burst with delight and go: "I knew it!"
In fact, I'm looking at these pictures and cursing the sea because all it took was one more wave to rip those shorts completely. Damn!
Could it be they are tightening their platonic friendship under water? I guess...
 ...what goes on in the Caribbean Sea, stays in the Caribbean Sea...

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