Friday, April 15, 2011

Mickey Rourke keeps getting better and better

Uau! Wild Cat jogging! Killer glasses, Mickey! Why is it that every time I look at Mickey Rourke now and some picture of him from the 80's, always crosses my mind  he accidentally dropped his face in a blender machine?

Mickey Rourke is on " f**k Hollywood!" mode for quite a while. But, now that he's back in the spotlight and eventually has to eat, he's making movies apparently just for the money. Hey, who can blame him? Still, he has time to be a little incoherent about his costars. After putting Megan Fox in a pedestal, he's taking it right back...sort of... A reporter of Vulture spotted him at the after-party of Scream 4 and he had nothing but nice things to say about his latest movies:
Let’s start with horror movies: You a fan?Depends.
On what?If there’s nothing else to watch. I came here to see Harvey. I don’t know nothing about the movie.
What about 50 Cent? He’s hosting. I haven’t seen him.
You guys are in a movie together, right? A really bad movie, yeah.
What?! Is it out?No, it’s so bad it can’t get out.
Tell me why you made it.For the money.
But you think the movie’s bad.Terrible.
Why?You have to watch it.
What about your movie with Megan Fox and Bill Murray?Terrible. Another terrible movie. But, you know, in your career and all the movies you make, you’re going to make dozens of terrible ones.
You called Megan Fox, like, one of the best actresses of all time. That I worked with [smirk].
That movie’s getting limited release.That’s because it’s not very good.
I know a good movie we can talk about: your rugby movie. That’ll be a great movie. We start shooting February.
Aren't you just dying to see these movies?... Now think about what his rep said to him about this...Could this be brutal honesty or a completely wasted Rourke talking nonsense? A little bit of both.
Still...he has to make a living and listen to his rep (even if mentally he's smashing his head against the wall...or putting it on his blender). So, just one day after this, he talked to Vulture again. This time to apologize...

Hey, guys. When I talked to you, I was at a party. It was loud and crowded, I was in a shitty mood and I was trying to get rid of your reporter. Mitch is one of my best friends since we were kids. I loved working with him and would do it again tomorrow. I don't know why I said that stupid shit. I love Mitch, I love Megan. My bad."

You like puppies, so we forgive you Mickey...

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