Monday, April 11, 2011

Red Riding Hood is a bitch after all...

Judging from Amanda Seyfried's attitude after the premiere of Red Riding Hood in London, the screening must have been a success... Either that, or maybe she is just realizing her supposed relationship with Ryan Phillippe is not that exclusive.
As she got into the car, after leaving the theatre she was presented with a parking ticket, wich apparently she rejected, giving it back to the policeman. She supposedly did it while saying "Thank you, but no thank you..." Are we beyond pissed here Miss Amanda, or what? Did she turn into a werewolf and rip the policeman's head off? Jeeezzzz! Look at her eyes! She couldn't probably pay it so she went for public humiliation instead. Good choice! 
Could it be possible this man doesn't have a clue about who the hell are you? I mean, we begin with these little things and before we know it, we are living in a world where celebrities and politicians are immune to justice...

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