Friday, May 6, 2011

Was the Met's Costume Institute Gala a Brides Parade?

Yes, I suppose!
So, this was a couple of days ago, yet, given the level of fugness I thought I shouldn't let it pass by.
Fergie clearly thought she was there for the renewal of her vows. I know. It's a Marchesaaaaaa. Rachel Zoe would kill for a Marchesaaaaaa. Yet this is hideous for this occasion. Her husband is also to blame. How about saying: "Are you sure about this, honey?!" 
Miranda Kerr is as hot as a mom can be. We get it. Now she's into Black Swan apparently, showing with a Marchesa gown (oh, what a surprise). If I could only reach her to rip that damn tulle out....
I take a lesson from this, people: NEVER wear a Marchesa white dress, unless it's your own wedding.
Naomi Campbell was a scary bride. The hair, the makeup. Hugh... I know she's in an Alexander McQueen but, for the love of God, it's like she going to smash your head with her cellphone any minute now. Run!
Serena Williams also gave it a try. This time in an Oscar de la Renta. She thought the feathers wouldn't do enough fug so she added the lovely flower hat. Lovely.

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