Monday, May 23, 2011

"Yup! Can't complain!"

This is like watching a chess game, only better. Take that Leonardo DiCaprio...
Bar Rafaeli used twitter to give a straight message to "the world" while aboard a yacht at the French Riviera. Being "The World" Leonardo Di Caprio. I'm beginning to think twitter has many utilities...
So, Bar...Can't complain about what?...Just saying...So you do yachts in Cannes...So does who?
I'm sure Leonardo Di Caprio can't complain either about all the pu**y he's having while you're... on a break. Although I'm starting to think Di Caprio probably is loving all this teasing Bar Rafaeli is putting him through...
Blake Lively, quit. You can't win this honey... Bar Rafaeli is using all her heavy artillery on this matter. 

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