Friday, May 20, 2011

Hangover 2 - A Star is born!

Move over bitches! Monkey Crystal is hitting the red carpet! 
I didn't even know the monkey on the Hangover sequel was a female, but judging by these pics, she completely stole the show at the Premiere of Hangover Part II, last night in Hollywood! Look at her, dressed in pink with a pearl necklace (?), getting her "sex" scene censored on the trailer and already engaging in serious PDA with BFF Kristen Bell! I can already see the resemblance with Paris Hilton. This monkey will go far in Hollywood, I tell you.
And can she do only comedy? Can you give us a sad, sad face Crystal? Did Bradley Cooper skip your PDA? Huuuu..

Who would have guessed the worst dressed of these three would be Bradley Cooper. Bradley, your lucky I like you better without clothes...

Isn't Crystal a natural at this? Isn't this pic awesome?


  1. LOL! The little monkey is a natural born celebrity, look at her posing for the photos :)
    How cute is this?
    I was not planning to see "The Hungover 2", although I saw nº1 and laughed my ass out, because sequels normally suck...but I must confess that now I'm curious to see what's the cute little monkey up to in the movie!

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