Monday, January 31, 2011

Berg meets Berg.

So, I'm not posting since Friday. And this weekend was all about fantasy meets reality. You'll know what I mean later on...
Let's start with something lighter. 
So The Social Network did't win any award this weekend. How crazy is that? (lol!) Or, is the World coming to its senses that this is really a very average movie with a very median screenplay that has only gone this far because it's about Facebook and there's a guy trying to look weird and wears plastic slippers with white socks? No. I'm waiting for the Oscars before building up a reliable theory about this.

Meanwhile, actor Jesse Eisenberg hosted Saturday Night Live and guess who showed up for the opening monologue? Mark Zuckerberg. How mean is this? Here is Jesse thinking "Finally America is going to see me not portraying Zuckerberg! They are going to see how funny I am!!"
Bam! Here comes Zuckerberg almost saying I'm CEO...wherever I go...B**ch!" (Jesus. How mediocre am I? This is f*cking Monday. I don't care. )
And what Jesse Eisenberg thought about it?: 
"It was wonderful".
"I was so thrilled that he agreed to come and do that with me. It was the perfect place to meet for the first time."
riiiiiggghht....You look absolutely thrilled Jesse...

I'm just gonna stick with Andy Samberg's word to describe this moment. "AwkBerg!"
Oh, and Mark, even a cat can act better that you. Jesus! What was that??

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