Monday, January 10, 2011

Adam Levine nude in Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK)

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Adam Levin, Maroon 5 front man, is the centerfold for the February issue of UK's Cosmopolitan magazine, with nothing on but his tattoos and the hands of his girlfriend, Victoria's Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna, strategically placed on his body. The kind gesture was possible due to Everyman Cancer Campaign and Cosmopolitan partnership on bringing awareness for prostate cancer.
I'm not sure on how you raise awareness for men to get a prostate exam by all this centerfolds, especially this one. In fact, it's even misleading. I'm sure many men would gladly make the exam if it was performed by any of Victoria's Secret models. But, at the end, all they'll ear is the stretching of that latex glove in the hands of their ugly urologist...
As for me, I think this kind of awareness is important and impressively effective... on my awareness that Adam Levine is HOT!
Can I check you now Adam?... I'm not sure that exam was properly performed. Hands off Anne!... Now, don't give me that look...

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  1. I hadn't seen or heard about this guy before. But, oh boy! Am I aware now! (droll...droll...)
    HOT, to say the least (licking the screen).


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