Friday, January 21, 2011

Olivia Munn & Justin Timberlake's alleged sexting

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Back in September,when Olivia Munn presented a promocional event of The Social Network ,something happend between Olivia and Justin Timberlake the second he reached out for a pen that was on her seat. The happening, who made Olivia feel mind blown (who was already having a hard time not being boring and dumb at this particular presentation) , was even evident to actor Jesse Eisenberg. 
Anyway, the news are something happend between those two back then. (Justin, when you look at Olivia and don´t know where to put your the pen, what were you thinking exactly?!...)
Now, according to Life & Style, there was some major sexting going on between these two in December 2010.
Maybe this is not true but you've got to laugh with some of the text messages that supposedly happened between them.

Timberlake to Munn:
"I'm thinking about you"
"You don't understand how hard it is" 
Come on!! This is too low for me but i'm gonna give it a try, still...
How hard is it, Justin?... And Olivia, what's with this picture? Are you choking a chicken?...
Ok, I'm done with this!

Oh, if you did't see the video of the Social Network promotional event I was talking about, have a laugh starting at approximately minute 2:46. Would't you just kill to know what Jesse Eisenberg said to Armie Hammer?...

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