Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jersey Shore season 4 will go to Italy

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Italians brace yourselves for Snooki and company. After a not so warm welcome in Miami for season 2, Jersey Shore cast members are going to try their luck in their dream country, I guess. 

The press release issued last Tuesday by MTV gave us a hint for what Italians can expect:

"America’s most talked about housemates are leaving the boardwalk behind for the piazzas of Italy. Poised to get their G.T.L. on abroad, ready to drop in on Vinny’s family for a famous Guadagnino dinner and excited to trade gorillas for Italian stallions, this wacky and dysfunctional family is about to turn ‘the beautiful country’ upside down."
Upside down? Really guys?
I think it's funny the producers assume that in Italy this will be a great happening, that there are lots of guidos and guidettes hanging out on the piazzas and that Italy will never know what hit her. 
May I remind you that you are talking about the land of Silvio Berlusconi and a country that elected a porn star, Cicciolina, to the Italian Parliament. This is taking "Reality show" to a whole different level, right?

I rest my case.

And this was Pope Benedict's reaction to the news:

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