Monday, January 3, 2011

Edward and Bella present their prey before ripping her head off

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Doesn't Kristen Stewart look thrilled to be recognized and photographed in the middle of nowhere, in the Isle of Wight, at New Year's Eve, with Robert  Pattinson? It's like, in a second, she's going to put her fangs out! 
This girl posted this photo in her facebook ("Damn you Mark  Zuckerberg! ", says Kristen) and wrote:
"My friend went up to Kristen who seemed shocked."
Really?... I wonder why?...
After Facebook, came Twitter madness and, basically, social networks killed the magic of the moment for them. 
Damn You Twi-plague! Damn You!...

P.S. - It actually exists a place in the Island of Wight called Middle of Nowhere...


  1. Well, it was to good to be true...a gossip blog with no posts about Robsten and Twilight. So here it is...
    Loved the sarcasm, though!
    And loved, loved the "Middle of Nowhere" really existing!

  2. I've just remebered, isn't this Isle of Wight the same place where Rob and KStew spent the New Year's eve last year?


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