Monday, January 10, 2011

Kim Kardashian's ass defies the Laws of Nature

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Kim Kardashian was spotted last friday in a gas station, in LA, and stroke some serious poses while she was there. She didn't seem very friendly, probably once more upset by the results of botox injections in her face... I can't understand why she thinks she needs that..
Although her lips seem a little swollen, I think she's upset because all the botox keeps going straight to her ass! By this angle, she actually looks like a Queen-Bee with her sting hanging out. She is probably thinking that, if the woman with the crazy flower hat and animal pattern bow, standing behind,  talks to her, she's gonna sting her!

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  1. Come on! Now that I see it from this perspective, I believe in the "ass-pad" theory. If her ass was that huge, her legs would be much thicker.
    Oh, please...we can almost see the pad in the first picture, it's like she's wearing thick shorts underneath the leggings! Am I the only one who sees it?...Anyone?... :)


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