Friday, February 11, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens is ready to get slapped in the butt

That's it. I'm gone for two days and while in the normal World Mubarak is still the President of Egypt (UPDATE: not anymore) , in the Gossip world this equals almost one year. Sienna Miller dumped Jude Law one more time, Ashlee Simpson just realized she was actually married to Pete Wentz, Lindsay Lohan was back in Court and wore white, Heidi Montag is saying she has a career (??) and so on... I'm trying to keep up with all this...and make some Tosh sense of it... Thank you to my Amazing Readers around the World that still care to read what I post, even if I missed a day or two...

So, here's Vanessa Hudgens photoshoot for Details Magazine, being a bad, bad girl, biting her nails and messing with your mind. Or is she aiming for someone specific? Is it me, or in celebrity world, whenever there's a breakup, the woman makes an insanely hot photoshoot just to remind her ex how sexy she really was? And why isn't this principle valid for men? Zac, Zac! Run with an umbrella! Vanessa is all...wet!!

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