Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rihanna did the WAKA WAKA dance at the Grammy Awards

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Don't you just want to jump to the stage? Are you even reading this or are you thinking "Is that Rihanna's boob? Omg! Is it?" I don't know but this is some powerfull pic, isn't it? It caught my eye completely.
She was performing the hit song "What's my name", with Drake, at the Grammy Awards and did some serious "Shakira" moves.
So, Drake, Rihanna is no grenade (using the wise words of Mike "The Situation"), although she seems to be ready to throw one...
Wasn't Drake dating Nicki Minaj? Or married to? Maybe Minaj is no grenade but it certainly looked like a jungle grenade exploded all over her. She looked like an "African Jungle Queen" Cruella de Vil.

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Huh... I'm scared...
Back to Rihanna!
Let's see how Drake felt during this performance:

At the very end of the performance, Drake disappears... Sources say he was seen rushing to the men's room... 
Mike "The Situation" is still waiting for Rihanna's phone call. Still waiting to see what happens...

Here's the video. U na na na! You're gonna like this...a lot.

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