Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Alex Pettyfer? Well, hello!

If you don't know who Alex Pettyfer is by these days you should probably check your Hottometer, because it's going to explode any minute now and you'd better be prepared. So I'm thinking where the hell was this guy? So I googled him and I realized he's the boy from Eragon and he's... 20. T.w.e.n.t.y...
We were all seeing Lady Gaga's Cocoon walk the red carpet and the real metamorphosis was happening here. Pic up your shoes Robert Pattinson! You're outta here! 
So, Alex Pettyfer is not playing with dragons anymore. He has two movies coming out. I'm number four and Beastly. This one with Vanessa Hudgens (so...broke up with Zac Efron exacly when? Hum?...)
What do you think? Hot or not?


  1. Holly Hotness!!!! {licking screen}

    Lately it seems all outrageously gourgeous youn men are British... Robert Pattinson is still number 1 for me :) But this new hottie is serious competition. Indeed!!!

  2. By the way, Victoria... I was already missing your posts! To many days of silence :)


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