Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kim, Khloe Kardashian and the obsession for animal print

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Now, I've read somewhere The Kardashians made 65 million dollars last year, so I'm not laughing anymore about what they actually do to make that kind of money. Taking in mind that every time Kim's ass appears on this blog it's like a friggin' Xmas pageviews, I'll take my chances with Khloe's ass this time, with Kim on the side, just in case... I'm not even going to put the question"Who wears it better?" here because Khloe's stylist should be fired over this one. And apparently the KK sisters were of any help either. Or maybe Khloe just wouldn't listen. Because I have to tell you Khloe this outfit is not even on Snooki Jersey Shore level. When I saw this I thought Olivia from Jerseylicious was on my screen...Oh, by the way, this was an NBA celebrity All-Star Game. Perfect to wear this. See- through included.

As for Kim, she looked great at the Official NBA All-Star after party. Apparently she's still keeping the fantasy she actually is in love with...what's his name? Oh, yeah, Kim Kardashian's boyfriend. Because if she is, she'll be the exception to the rule "once you go black, you never come back."  

Ok, it's like I can hear the roar of all Kim's fans: Who's this total b**ch? Victoria Who? Looser!
So let me pull a Ted Casablanca here:
"Oh! There's more!" (Ok, I actually like Kim Kardashian...You keep my blog alive. Aliiiive!)

Kim: "I make 65 million dollars just posing like a wax figure. Look at me. Frozen."

Photographers: "Ass, Kim! Ass!"

Kim: "Ah! Ah! Ah! You're so funny! I think I love you 'cause I'm 30 now and everything makes sense to me...What's your name again?"

Guy: Sorry, please step away from the picture...
Khloe: Why can't I be in the picture? Am I not hot? I'm wearing a brown version of Kim's dress. I'm a Kardashian! My ass is big too!
Guy: Please step away.

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  1. LOL @ the comments below the pictures!!
    Seriously...very good! you're killing me :)


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