Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kim Kardashian's ass almost didn't make it to the Grammy Awards

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Now wouldn't this be a tragedy? But it almost was because Kim's golden dress didn't seem to fit in the golden measures of her whole butt! When interviewed by Ryan Seacrest, at the red carpet, she revealed:
"I had the biggest fashion emergency!” 
“I took it to another tailor and they tailored it to where my whole butt wouldn’t fit in it. I was freaking out and said that if I didn’t have a dress, I wouldn’t go."

“The designers were amazing and they came in and met me and redid the whole thing.
She recently talked about how turning 30 made her embrace her curvy looks:

“I never knew to embrace curves”
“I looked at my aunt and cousins and saw these Armenian women with big butts and boobs, and I didn’t really realize how attractive it actually was then. Your perspective grows.”
And, boy, did it grow!

Sean Combs aka P. Diddy or Puff Daddy, or whatever, was caught catching up with Kim. He's probably thinking:
 " Here I am, once again, 11 years later: Grammy Awards - insane cleavage - huge butt - not JLo"
"I rule. Period."
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I think she actually looks pretty good. Pretty damn hot, actually. I bet Jennifer Lopez is thinking: "Nobody can sparkle more than me! Damn you KK!"
And that bracelet. I wanna rip it off with my teeth and take it home...

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