Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prince "kicks" Kim Kardashian off stage

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Red card for Kim's inability to do Prince's moves!
Kim Kardashian and boyfriend attended a Prince's show at Madison Square Garden last night and when Kim got invited to the stage she acted like a frozen robot. A very perplex Prince waited and waited for some dance moves and ended up kicking her off stage. Maybe he was fed up for Kim's constant tweets during the concert or because her heels were higher than his. But there was still space for some irony while she got shoved down the stairs for her bad performance. "Welcome to America!" ,he alluded to his tour's name. But was he aiming for something else?
In fact! One day you're the hottest thing, the next you're getting kicked off stage by no other than Prince. 
You get to dance with Prince and all you can do is clap? Clap Clap? Jesus! Shake something! And by something I mean your best known asset.
Later Prince came to his senses and gave Kim's ass the chance to "Party like it's 1999"...

Here's the video

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