Thursday, June 30, 2011

Selena Gomez best day ever does not involve Justin Bieber

I remember seeing a video of a 15 year old Selena Gomez making it very clear that one day she would date Shia LaBeouf, despite of one perplex interviewer who reminded Selena she was too young for Shia and her, nervously repeating: No I'm not! I can't find the video so you can watch this one that basically resumes it. 
So, when Selena started dating Bieber I was like...Wow. Teenage crushes are really volatile when it comes to taste and age. When she started to come out with a little more grown up style I remember thinking she would be aiming for someone else pretty soon. It turns out she recently met Shia LaBeouf backstage, on the Today Show, and it was quite evident that major crush is still very much alive. On his side, LaBeouf, was also nervous and started talking like an italian mobster for no apparent reason... Also checked her boobs.
I'm glad Selena didn't hold it back and used twitter to share with the world how her was like. I can't help thinking that Selena's remaining days, since she started dating Bieber, would be the best days ever for millions of teenagers all over the world. Maybe even for Justin Bieber himself that recently proclaimed his love for her, publicly.
The video has almost 900 dislikes. Wonder who's disliking this?...

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