Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sean Bean must have thought April Summers would be the screw of a lifetime

The whole world now knows "glamour" model April Summers for someone who's worth getting stabbed outside a bar and then, act really tough, return to the bar and order another drink.
The four-time married star was apparently attacked outside the Hill Bar and Brasserie in Camden, North West London late on Sunday evening. The row began when Mr Bean, 52, and April Summers - a glamour model who is 30 years his junior who had gone to the bar with him - were standing outside, having a cigarette. Miss Summers – whose real name the Daily Mail understands is Nadia Foster – lives close to Mr Bean in the same area. According to witnesses, a passer-by then made lewd comments about Miss Summers, a topless model who has appeared in a number of UK lads’ magazines as well as the Italian edition of Playboy. As a result, Mr Bean followed the man down the road to challenge him. Later in the evening, Mr Bean went out for another cigarette and was then attacked by a man. The star, who lives close by, was said to have been stabbed in the arm – believed to be with a broken glass - and punched in the face, according to witnesses. Police were then called. Mr Bean was said to have a cut arm and a bruised face, according to witnesses. [Daily Mail]
 Bean, 52, declined going to the hospital and instead walked back into the bar and ordered another drink. Yeeeah, like a real man...a strong, virile man. I must say, best publicity "stunt" ever for a "glamour" model.
Yet, I'm wondering, did he pass out later when he was actually screwing her? 

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  1. sean, sean, sean--do you have to date her? She is young enough--you could offer to ADOPT her and let her date lads her own age.

    What happens to men's brains after 40 . . .oh, wait a minute. that isn;t even a fair wuestion.


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