Friday, June 10, 2011

Nicole Kidman probably thinks Country music people are tacky

No, this is not your cousin Holly at some wedding back in the 80's. Yes. This is Nicole Kidman at the CMT Awards and those are blue nails. And it's about to get worse...Wait 'till you see the bottom..Did Nicole Kidman assume she would be at an event filled with tacky people, might as well go with it? And what's going on with husband Keith Urban for not saying anything about this? Where is the pale pastel colors Nicole? Well, the dress is from Proenza Shouler Fall 2011 collection and it actually looked pretty good on the runway with some black boots... I assumed that marrying a guy that wears more makeup than you should have some sort of effect on your style, but isn't this a little too much, Keith? I bet that under those shoes are some blue toe nails...


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