Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elisabetta Canalis and the two-year curse

It is confirmed. After some speculation and a very strange interview of Elisabetta to an italian magazine where she made it clear that, at some point, she would expect to get married and probably have kids, George Clooney (or should I say, Mr. Cold-feet) pulled the two year confortable rug from under Canalis feet before she lasted longer than two years.
Boo hoo for anyone who even bet on this "horse".Whatever.  The race is back on for Clooney ladies! Wait...Why don't I fell so enthusiast about this anymore? Oh, yes... Manganiellllllo's photo spread from GQ. Huh... So, the clock is ticking George. Tick-tock. Hotness isn't forever. Last time I checked in the mirror, I looked like a 16 year old, I can make espressos, don't mind moving to Italy and even loved you in Solaris. So, does this ass have any chance with you? Here I go with  soundtrack included!

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