Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mr. Uncool of the week

And the award goes to...Brad Pitt. Twice.
First he puts a finger on a bruise by mentioning his marriage to Jennifer Aniston in the latest issue of Parade Magazine:
“I spent the ‘90s trying to hide out, trying to duck the full celebrity cacophony.  I started to get sick of myself sitting on a couch, holding a joint, hiding out. It started feeling pathetic. It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself. I think that my marriage [to Aniston] had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.
I guess when Angelina Jolie and her chubby lips took him shopping to the dullness was gone...

This could have been it. Women all over the world, mostly Aniston's fans, nodded their heads with disapproval, shouting out loud "Not cool, Brad!". But after a few days, his awesomeness that raises him above ordinary men would take its natural course.
He could have let it go easily but then he made a crucial mistake. He issued a statement to Hollywood Reporter clarifying his kind words about his 5-year marriage to Aniston:
"It grieves me that this was interpreted this way. Jen is an incredibly giving, loving and hilarious woman who remains my friend. It is an important relationship I value greatly. The point I was trying to make is not that Jen was dull, but that I was becoming dull to myself -- and that, I am responsible for.

What he didn't realize is that a woman's brain processes these words in only one sentence:

"The problem was not you. It was meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."

...and like that he miserably came tumbling from his awesomeness pedestal of decades with a sentence that reduced him to the essence of an ordinary man.

I find it amusing that this comes out of his mouth now that Jennifer Aniston might have found someone like Theroux that actually seems everything but dull. Now I look at you, Mr. Pitt, posing with what seems a pijama with both thumbs up and I must say I'm bored. I find it quite..dull, in fact.

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