Friday, September 2, 2011

Kim, Kourtney & Khloe take...pregnancy. This show might happen...

I'm almost sorry that my laziness lack of time didn't bring you a post about Kim Kardashian's wedding. Maybe because I was almost sure she would back down at the last minute for realizing that this dude has nothing to do with her. But I guess... business is business and mom Kris Jenner would make sure she would attend this event, even if it meant mocking her in the head and use her wax figure for pictures. Nobody would have noticed. The so called wedding of the year was soon forgotten and only lasted about 1 a.m. The wedding dress was as boring as the groom and for the first time Kim wore something that didn't emphasize her butt. This event, however, made the Kardashians more than 17 million. 
And because I can only picture Kris Jenner shouting in her phone "show me the moneeeeey!" to every living soul that wants a piece of her golden girls, I can only imagine her trembling eyes when USWeekly implanted the right idea on Kim's mind:
What would Kim think if she got pregnant at the same time as Kourtney -- who has a 20-month-old son Mason -- and Khloe? "That would be a dream!" she gushed to Us Weekly Wednesday night at her Welcome to NYC party thrown by Jason Binn and Colin Cowie. "All three of us pregnant at the same time? That would be amazing!" 
If only two of them get this task done, I'm sure they can put a miscarriage (with all the drama involved) on the other one...
I'm thinking, if this actually happened, Kris Jenner would collapse.
So, and what about this Rembrandt portrait picture taken by photographer Annie Leibovitz? Not a scent of photoshop involved here. Don't you think?... This is from the Kardashian Kollection (with lots and lots of animal print) that will be available at Sears. Jezzz! Kollection? Are they only doing things where they can replace a C for a K. How about a Kolonoscopy Kampaign?

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  1. These pictures are so not photoshoped... (rolls eyes).
    Since when Kourtney and Kim are as tall as Khloe, even with heels?!!


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