Friday, September 9, 2011

Great Scott! This post is for "Back to the future" fans!

Who else LOVES Back to the Future trilogy? Remember that self-lacing Nike sneakers from Back to the future, part II? So, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, who created  the power-lacing, self-illuminating, Nike MAG, worn by Michael J. Fox, back in 1989, decided to rebuilt the famous shoe, with the help of footwear innovator Tiffany Beers. It took a long time but it was totally worth it. If you recall, McFly wore the shoes in 2015. So, this version has a lot of features but it is still not self -lacing. I guess we have to wait.
What is cool is that there are only 1,500 pairs and they are being auctioned to benefit Michael J. Fox foundation. I think it's a great idea. What would also be a great idea is for some charitable soul to get one pair for me.
According to Nike
...they are not recommended for playing sports, these highly limited shoes will very likely command attention wherever they are worn.
These highly limited shoes would be perfect on my feet! I would wear them bare naked.

Check out this cool sneaker promo and learn more about it here.

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